We've lost much
It is time to stop and feel that loss
I believe when we have done this we can understand what it will mean to go forward
Beauty remains
Life is all around us
The Earth still speaks
Will I listen?


Should I ever realize these ideals in my own way of living I would consider myself very fortunate. Though it might not be unreasonable to assume that this should be our state at birth.

We are a part of the natural world.
-We should live in the midst of that world and take our place in it. It is the same for humans as it is for any animal living in a zoo...an environment we surround ourselves in that is without the patterns of nature cannot provide for our basic needs. Since we are natural beings we depend on natural patterns and resources for our well-being. Any deviation where we are caused to depend on patterns that do not hold true to nature creates and imbalance.
-We should eat only what is within our personal reach within that world. We should not use industrial knowledge to exploit the land for our own tastes and desires for an unnatural sense of stability.
-We should live within our senses. Those senses should be strong and balanced. We should listen to our bodies and act according to our feelings and intuition. No artificial light should be used to prolong our wakeful state.
-We should use the energy gathered through food in our bodies to do work that is necessary. We should never exploit non-renewable or renewable energy sources. And we should always make an offering to ensure respect for any life source we employ. The basis of our functioning should be personal human power.
-We should work as though it were a function of life within our place in the world. Work should be focused on securing the needs of the day or season. Hoarding of resources is a symptom of an imbalanced way of living.
-We will move and position our bodies in space as we are encouraged by our environment. Therefore we should choose to be a part of the natural world and live by its way, to keep our body, mind and spirit vital and healthy.


Cries are not enough
it hurts and you will cry
but it is not enough
the earth bleeds
and you cry
because you feel the pain
the wound occurs within your own heart
and you will cry
but it is not enough
you cry and you keep pushing the blade edge deeper
your heart is crying and you cry
but you know not the source of the pain
you are a stranger to your heart
you have been feigning friendship with your heart
you aren't aware that you left your heart long ago
It will not be enough

Know your heart.
The earth cries out through the heart
But it does not only cry